Keith Pickstock **cowboy builder alert **


November 2014: We have just been contacted by a researcher working on a television programme about Cowboy Builders - guess who she was interested in hearing more about?


October 2013: Keith Pickstock has been fired from a further basement project - this is another one in SW London.


We also believe that Keith Pickstock was fired from a project in Surrey at the start of September 2013 - after only two months - but are awaiting details of this before adding it to the Failed Projects Page.


Click here to see details of other projects where Keith Pickstock has either walkebeen fired or walked.

Important Notice

This website is neither owned nor operated by Keith Pickstock, Keith Pickstock Basements, nor any of the other various trading names that he is, or has, traded under.


This site has been set up by angry former clients, all of whom thought that they had done their homework before hiring Keith Pickstock to dig their basement.  These angry former clients now wish to warn others of the behaviour of this reprehensible individual.

Cowboy Builder


If you are happy to have any contract you have signed ignored, if you enjoy constant threats to walk off your site unless you pay more money, or if you just don't care, then this site is not for you.


However if you think this sort of behaviour is scandalous and any contractor who behaves like this should not be allowed to work, then this site may just save you alot of money.





Need we say more... well actually you are probably now desperate to know more, so take a look at the Bankrupt page - bet he didn't let you in on this bomb shell..

Contact Us


If you are also a highly dissatisfied former client of Keith Pickstock, then let us know what happened to you and we will add outline details of your project so that others can be warned.


Please go to the Contact page and fill in the e-mail form. Any information you submit, either via this form or subsequently, will only be published with your authority.