What You Can Do

If you are looking at this website then you have obviously met Keith Pickstock and are now considering whether to contract with him and entrust him with your money.


These are some questions which we recommend you should ask him:

1.  The contact details for all of his clients over the last five years or more.

2.  Account for obvious gaps

3.  Why doesn't he trade as a limited company

4.  Why are his clients so far apart (all over Greater London and the surrounding counties) rather than clustered together

5.  Why he doesn't put his name on clients' hoardings - unlike any other builder, surveyor, architect, etc

4.  Why, if he's so successful, does he own neither a house nor a car

5.  The details of his bankruptcy and why his discharge has been postponed indefinitely

6.  The details of his Bankcruptcy Restriction Order

7.  Above all, ask him to show you completed basement projects - and not just a basement that he is working on at the moment - and ensure that you speak to the owner.



What you can also do:

1.  Ring The Insolvency Service - their details are given on the Bankrupt page - and see what they have to say about Keith Pickstock

2.  Speak to all of his clients that he has let you know about

3.  E-mail us on the Contact Page with any questions you may have

4.  Talk to all professionals (surveyors, engineers, Building Control, etc) who have worked with Keith Pickstock and see what they say - we can provide you with a few to start you off

5.  Talk to lots of other builders and get their quotes and ideas, and above all their payment schedules


Please Note

We are not looking to prevent you from doing business with Keith Pickstock - if you want to contract with him to dig your basement and feel that you can trust him with your money, then the best of luck to you.  We just want to make sure that you have those facts available to you that we didn't when we made that choice ... and which might have persuaded us to use a different contractor.


Keith Pickstock **cowboy builder & undischarged bankrupt**